Climate Kit


The scientific background and consequences of climate change can be experienced by means of the experiments contained in the climate kit for students. Using relatively simple setups, various scientific contexts, e.g. the absorption of heat radiation by CO2, the Albedo effect, the acidification of the oceans etc., can be investigated in school experiments.

>> DIY Climate Kit Instruction  >> Climate Kit Checklist (pdf, doc)    >>  Rent Climate Kit

Instructions for the experiments can be found in the handbook.

Elaborated teaching modules based on the experiments in the climate kit can be found here:

>> The greenhouse effect in three stations
>> Climate change and the oceans


Please support us!

Before producing the climate kits and printing the handbooks to make them available to schools as a free of charge set, they are currently being tested in schools. We rely on the support of committed teachers!

You are welcome to put together a climate kit yourself or borrow one from us and download the handbook – we will be happy to incorporate your feedback on the experiments, work assignments and the content of the handbook!

So, if you are interested in supporting us in the testing phase, please contact us – we look forward to hearing from you!