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In the following you will find recommended references on climate change. Please support us in building up this collection and contact us!

This site is under construction!

Education Server Wiki on Climate Change

“Cooperation project between the German Bildungsserver, the Climate Service Center and the Hamburg Education Server to build an encyclopedia on anthropogenic climate change and its consequences”.

Links to teaching material for different types of school and grades, many links to other interesting sites!

Portal with reliable facts and basic knowledge on climate change, backed up by studies. Beautifully prepared. With a focus on communicating facts in a better way and various handouts (e.g. handouts on climate communication).

NASA – Climate

Very nice animations, clearly prepared data, articles and news about climate change – divided into the areas of evidence, causes, consequences and solutions.

Evidence, Causes, Consequences und Solutions.

Scinexx – Dossier Climate Change

Very extensive, daily updated, beautifully presented and deeply researched dossier on climate change by the science magazine Scinexx.


Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt)

Extensive dossier on the topic with current articles, presentation of the IPCC status reports etc.

Climate Navigator

Cooperation project of numerous German climate research institutions. “The aim of the Climate Navigator is to provide an overview of climate-relevant research as well as climate change and climate adaptation initiatives at a generally understandable level and in line with the current international state of research.

Links to various climate atlases, current news and reports, focal points on the current state of research and background knowledge:

  • Greenhouse effect and emission scenarios
  • Extreme events
  • Global climate modelling
  • Climate change in Northern Germany
  • Perception of climate change
  • Climate change and economy
  • Climate change, migration and security
  • Regional climate modelling

DWD – Deutscher Wetterdienst (German Meteorological Service)

“The DWD reports on new findings, new developments and interesting facts about climate change“, including background information on climate monitoring (past) and climate scenarios (future).

“In the climate atlas, the DWD presents possible scenarios of our future climate in a synopsis with our past and present climate.”

Document Server Climate Change

“The server collects material from past research project collaborations on climate change and adaptation. All materials are freely accessible and available free of charge”.

DKK – German Climate Consortium

“The DKK sees itself as a platform for climate research and as a central contact point for the public and politicians on climate and climate change issues. According to the key note “Research for society, business and the environment”, the DKK stands for science-based policy advice.”

Compilation of the scientific institutions dealing with the topic, facts and background, overview of the history of climate policy and its protagonists.

MPI – Max Planck Institute for Meteorology

Media library with visualizations (on temperature change, precipitation change, land use, sea ice, sea level, carbonate saturation, etc.), illustrations (structure of the atmosphere, earth system, climate, greenhouse effect, water cycle, etc.), video clips, etc.

In the format “’Im Fokus” on our homepage, we report at regular intervals about exciting topics from our fields of research, introduce new groups and scientists in more detail or comment on current events.”

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