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Teachers’ network on climate change

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Developing a teaching module

Within the framework of the teachers’ network, precise teaching modules, materials and projects for different grades and subjects have to be developed, collected and made available to the schools so that they can be used flexibly in subject-specific lessons, as a cross-curricular work or in projects during the course of a school year.

Since we can only achieve these goals together, we cordially invite committed teachers of all types of school and subjects to join us!

Create a teaching module on the topic (all subjects and types of school are welcome) or make an already completed teaching unit available.

Templates for layout can be downloaded here:

>> Template progress sketch   >> Template worksheet


How else can I get involved?

The following possibilities are conceivable:

  • You may test the experiments of the climate kit and the working instructions, so that we can incorporate your feedback before production starts.
  • You may deal with the content of the handbook, which is intended to serve as a guide for interested teachers and can be used in lessons. If you have any suggestions for improvement, have detected errors, or if you are missing content, or are an expert in a subject yourself and want to contribute or have any other ideas, we would be very grateful for your feedback!
  • You may draw the attention of colleagues who are interested to this project.
  • Do you have any other ideas on how the goals of this project can be achieved? Please contact us – we are looking forward to working with you!
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