Videos, animations and presentations

Below you will find a selection of videos, animations and presentations on climate change.

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Lecture series "Education for Climate Protection"

All lectures of the online lecture series Education for Climate Protection with scientists and experts in the field of climate protection are freely available! The lectures were moderated by Prof. Harald Lesch.


Spotlights of Scientists for Future

In over 20 short presentations, experts from Scientists for Future explain topics such as "Planetary Boundaries", "Species Extinction", "Food and Climate Change" and "Geoengineering".
Absolutely informative and worth seeing!


Webinar: Klimagefühle in der Schule von Lea Dohm

Lea Dohm spricht bei einem Webinar vom Teachers for Future Germany über Klimagefühle in der Schule. Hier geht Sie besonders darauf ein, wie man mit jungen Menschen über die Klimakrise sprechen kann.


What if we do nothing?

In this short (four min.) and very nicely designed video from ZEIT, climate scientist Stefan Rahmstorf gives an insight into what our planet will look like "if we do nothing".