Activity 2: Radiation equilibrium on Earth

Moritz Strähle and Dr. Cecilia Scorza
Status: Mar 2023

Despite constant irradiation by the sun, the earth does not become hotter and hotter - it radiates energy itself. The intensity of the radiated energy depends in turn on the temperature of the earth, so that at a certain equilibrium temperature a radiation equilibrium is established.

The extent of the reflection, e.g. by ice surfaces on the earth, influences the height of the setting temperature substantially.

These phenomena can be worked out with two experiments:

Part 1: Why does the earth not get hotter and hotter, although it is constantly irradiated by the sun? (radiation equilibrium)
Part 2: What role do the ice surfaces play for the temperature of the earth? (Albedo)



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Video 1. Partial experiment: Radiation equilibrium on earth

Video 2. Partial experiment: Ice surfaces and earth temperature

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