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Only those who understand the scientific background to climate change can take sustainable and well-founded action! With the experiments of the LMU Climate Box, the STEM aspects of climate change, including its local and global impacts, which are clearly presented in the Climate Change Manual, can be worked on by groups of students.


Climate protection and the energy transition are closely linked. Climate protection means significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This includes a shift from fossil resources, such as coal, oil and gas, to renewable energies, such as wind, sun and biomass. What would the energy turnaround look like in Germany? And what can we do to make it happen?

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The energy turnaround can only be successful if the expansion of renewable energies is accompanied by reducing our energy consumption by half! But how can we reduce our CO2 emissions effectively and quickly? And how can students experience self-efficacy in groups and get involved in climate protection?



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Lecture series

Education for climate protection

Lecture series at the LMU

New videos on the climate kit with Prof. Harald Lesch

You can find all videos on the experiments of the climate kit in our YouTube channel and in our collection of Teaching Modules


The manual for the educational program Climate Change: Understanding and Acting contains a brief summary of the scientific background for teachers, but can also be used profitably in work with students. It also contains instructions and work assignments for the experiments in the climate kit.

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Teaching modules have been (and will be) developed for the three areas of the project, which represent thematic collections of teaching materials. We are happy to support you in the planning and implementation of your lessons on climate change!

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The climate kit was developed to enable students to experimentally experience the scientific background and consequences of climate change. With relatively simple setups, various scientific relationships can be investigated in student experiments, from the absorption of thermal radiation by CO2, to the albedo effect, to the acidification of the oceans.

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To further support teachers in their work, we provide a continuously updated collection of sources, further educational materials as well as videos and presentations. We are happy to receive suggestions and tips!

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