Concrete action with students

Authors: Thomas Hensel und Moritz Strähle
Status: Aug 2021

In dealing with the consequences of global warming, students inevitably ask the question, "What can we do?"

Helping them find answers to this question is arguably the most important task teachers should fulfill when teaching about climate change!

It is therefore crucial not to treat action as a gap filler before the summer vacations or to tick it off with an action on waste separation in the classroom. With appropriate support, students can experience self-efficacy and make a real and positive impact!

    from 8th grade on


    In our Climate Change Manual, a separate chapter has been dedicated to action. An excerpt is aimed specifically at students and sets out well-founded approaches to action at various levels. The text can be used as a basis for discussion, but also as a starting point for a class project, for example, because of the concrete ideas and impulses!

    • Chapter 6: Action (PDF)
      especially chapter 6.4: Concrete action for students

    Website for students

    Especially for students, we have created the page , in line with chapter 6.4 from the manual. The aim is to compile entertaining, exciting and informative documentaries, short films, videos and other material on the topic. However, the site is still under construction. If you have a suggestion, which content should not be missing, please contact us - thank you!

    Interdisciplinary project

    The special thing about this interdisciplinary project is the fact that it is carried out in a school class over the course of a complete school year and yet requires little time in terms of organization and implementation!

    The idea with hints for the organization and tips from practice is briefly summarized in this document (PDF).