Solar for kids: photovoltaic system and energy education for your school

Status: Aug 2021

The energy transition must take place in people's minds, not just on rooftops and fields!

For this, there is "Solar for Kids", an educational program in which the photovoltaic system and the school building are used as teaching aids. We can provide you with the know-how to accompany you and your students professionally and didactically in the realization of a photovoltaic system on your school roof or on one in the neighborhood!

In addition, we motivate children and young people in school lessons, work-shops, seminars and experiments in schools and kindergartens to become actively involved in our society through positive participation. The aim is to enable students to directly participate in the energy transition and develop necessary skills for a sustainable future.

flexible design
Across the board, especially STEM subjects
from 5th grade

You can find all information on solar for kids here:

The App for the educational program is currently available in English.

With this online course, you and your students can conduct solar studies for schools. With the help of our design program:

  • design a PV system for a school
  • identify and quantify the benefits of such a PV system
  • compare different system sizes
  • summarize the results as informational material

At the end of the course, you and your students can start a PV project at your school.

You will find all the information in this document.

This is an online programme that will guide you and your students through a critical analysis of a school’s electricity charts in order to identify trends. Ultimately, this programme will enable you and your students to brainstorm realistic solutions to help your school become more energy efficient.

More Details in this document.