Start for the Realschulen in Bavaria - Multiplier training

On 18.09 to 20.09, the multiplier training for the Realschulen in Bavaria took place at the Academy for Teacher Training organized by Kathrin Schmitt.

The high school multipliers and teachers of the first hour, Moritz Strähle, Thomas Kesselring and Markus Kesselring, conducted the training together with the secondary school teachers Michael Blinzler, Richard Büttner and Moni Saak. They designed an extensive and extremely interesting program for the Realschule teachers. This was rounded off by guest contributions from project leaders Dr. Cecilia Scorza-Lesch and Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch as well as Prof. Dr. Bernhard Mayer and Matthias Klaubert.

At the end of the training, the multipliers were enthusiastic and full of zest for action. We look forward to their own initiative to adapt the material to their pupils on a voluntary basis.

Information for the Realschulen in Bavaria:

Realschulen in Bavaria that registered for the project with their MB offices last school year will find a rough timetable and schedule for receiving the LMU climate kit and thermal imaging camera here:

  1. You do not need to print out the voucher, simply save it as a file. You will only need to send/upload it again in the run-up to the training course, otherwise you will not need to present the voucher anywhere.
  2. In December, you will be notified when the training courses are taking place in your administrative district and can register two teachers for one event. These RLFBs take place from the end of January/beginning of February at the earliest. As part of the registration process, you should also forward the net income statement to the funding body or sponsoring association so that they have it completed in time for the training. There are also instructions for completing the form. If you have not yet received the form and the instructions, you will receive them in the information e-mail in December.
  3. You will receive further information about the training when you are admitted to the RLFB.
  4. Teachers can take the materials (climate kit etc.) directly to their school after the training.

Please note that only compliance with this procedure and the teacher training courses held there will result in the receipt of the LMU climate kit. We ask you to refrain from asking questions about the procedure and the receipt of the LMU climate kits. You will be informed by the respective offices in due course. Thank you. We are delighted that you are taking part.