Fact check

Thomas Bauer, Dorle Lohn, Benjamin Best, Philipp Schneider
Status: Apr 2023

In the preceding chapters, the potentials of the various renewable energies were assessed and advantages and disadvantages were highlighted. The fact that the energy turnaround must be brought about is now a broad consensus, but the way in which it is implemented still offers potential for dispute.

Whether wind, geothermal energy, biomass and solar power are sufficient, whether the phase-out of nuclear power should be postponed, or even whether coal and gas should continue to supply the primary energy, is controversial. In this module, the relevant contents are summarized and, on a scientific basis, one comes to the conclusions, among others:

  • Without wind energy it does not work
  • Energy saving is necessary
  • We have to act

A nice video that shows how a regenerative energy supply would be possible in Germany. A video that spreads confidence:



Are renewable energies enough and what could we do?

Using this worksheet, all results are summarized and evaluated and students can make decisions based on science!

>> Worksheet: Are renewable energies enough and what could we do? (docx/pdf)


Facts vs. allegations

In this worksheet, students can evaluate claims that circulate in the public domain using scientific facts.

>> Worksheet: Facts vs. allegations (docx/pdf)